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Connecting Children's Literature to CurriculumEdit

Connecting Children's Literature to curriculum, organized by region (country, province/state, district/city/school board).

Curriculum Connections Category

Special EducationEdit

Intellectual DifferencesEdit

Intellectual Disabilities Book List

Gifted Book List

Speech and Language DifferencesEdit

Speech and language disorders and English language learners.

Learning DisabilitiesEdit

Dyslexia Book List

General Learning Disability Book List

Hearing ImpairmentsEdit

Hearing Impaired Book List

Visual ImpairmentsEdit

Visual Impairment Book List

Behavioural DisordersEdit

ADHD Book List

Neurological DisabilitiesEdit

Cerebral Palsy Book List

Physical DisabilitiesEdit

Physical Disabilities Book List

Pervasive Development DisordersEdit

Autism Spectrum Disorder Book List


Ethnicity, Religion and RaceEdit

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Authors

Aboriginal Stories (Canada)



Death, Illness and Loss

Substance Abuse


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