I admit I didn't anticipate this issue - especially not so soon in this early stage of creating this little wiki - but here is a little helpful information for you.

There are two types of pages that should concern you - content pages and user pages. The user page (e.g. User:Jane_Smith as an internal link) is yours to do with as you please (within legal and technical limits, of course). Add as much or as little detail about yourself, your work and your interests as you like. The content pages are a little more rigid in what belongs there and how it should be formatted. Also, content pages may be updated by anyone.

Of the content pages, there are currently two main types - Author (e.g Jane Smith, if searching, or Jane_Smith, as an internal link or part of a URL) and Book (e.g. The Little Wiki). These should contain very specific and limited information that would be particularly helpful to a classroom teacher in making selections based on the needs and interests of his or her students. The details of what this information should be is open to discussion, but needs to be consistent. For reference, see The Design of an Author Page and The Design of a Book Page.

Also, feel free to contact me about any technical or other concerns you may have.

Thank you.


Karyanca 13:42, December 29, 2009 (UTC)

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